Thursday, October 29, 2009

In and out of Canada.

We drove from Toronto to Montreal. Canada is kinda funny.It rained the whole time and we didn't get to see any mounties

or mooses

there were lots of nice over cast skies and it was kinda cold but thats okay.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Kansas. Where is dorothy? Missouri. Where is anything?

Kansas was kinda neat. You could get any kinda meat you wanted.

Based on these pictures you'd think there was stuff in Kansas. there wasn't. This wheat and rolls of stuff...were few and far between. This place is empty.

the sunset on our way to St Louis. was really intense. Unfortuntly we were heading East, so I only saw it from the van's side mirrors as we barreled down the freeway. We stayed in a stupidly nice place where we had the opportunity to ride in this beauty of an elevator.

The hotel parking lot guy reminisced with us of the old days when he would follow Leonard Cohen on tour. He told us that just last week, rapper, Beenie Man had been parked in the very same parking lot over night. Apparently his van got robbed of 28,000 dollars in cash. I guess his next video won't involve him throwing bills in the air while cruising in a Lamborghini with video girls.

The Colorado Skies!!!!

As we left Utah we saw...COWS, lots of them. But not in the concentration camp kind of way they were in California. Here they had the open range. Endless miles to roam and frolic.

Pictures of the sky. There was a lot.

Compared to normal sky, Colorado sky was three dimensional it went on forever.

Then as we left we saw snow. Last week it was summer in LA. 3 days ago the leaves in Portland were turning red and yellow. In Colorado its already winter.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

crusing through Utah

After pulling out of Salt Lake City. I really enjoyed the colors.
The story goes that a five star chef in LA got tired of cooking for yuppies and decided he wanted to do something more 'real.' So he opened this place in the middle of nowhere. The biscuits were top notch.

We saw a bunch of people in hot air ballons just outside salt lake city. I guess you have to entertain yourself somehow.
We would have hooked the van to a balloon and blew on in to Kansas, Dorothy style but we had to go to Denver first.

The terrain is so bizarre out here. That it can change from these very jagged pinkish mountains with red bushes to expansive plains with flat top plateaus in a matter of an hour is pretty incredible.
Driving into Colorado we begin to notice how incredibly huge the sky has become. The clouds come in different types based on the elevation and they are reminiscent of the layers on a cake. I'd need a 360 degree camera to effectively capture the expanse of sky.

Friday, October 23, 2009

In Canada! its easy to get in but the US doesn't want you back!

we passed some nice cloud covered mountains on the way in to Vancouver. The first sign we we were in Canada was in fact a sign.
All of a sudden Bud Light was no longer a domestic. We got something more interesting
On the way out of Canada US customs made us stand in a two hour line with no bathrooms. We couldn't leave the line and some other dudes in the line seemed to start cracking. After another half hour some guy freaked out and ran back to his car and drove back to Canada. There were a group of confused girls all wearing matching t-shirts that said 'Vegas' in multicolored puff paint.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Movin on up

LA was the last night with the band Darker My Love on tour with us. Tim (top) sings for them and is really awesome. He used to play in The Fall. Matt (bottom), from All The Saints celebrates the two weeks we spent with Tim.

On the drive from LA to San Fransisco we past Cowschwitz. Apparently there are 5 million beef cows that live and are slaughtered here for beef. This went on for about 3 miles. And it stank of death.

San Fransisco was fine.

From San Fransisco we hightailed it to Portland for what has so far been the most beautiful drive I've ever seen. The landscape was straight out of Twin Peaks and completely stunning. Driving up the 'grapevine' in the middle of the night was reminiscent of wooden roller coasters. We got out to for a quick break and as the sun crested over the mountains, we noticed a giant snow covered mountain in the distance that had been obscured by clouds.

We marveled at this mountain for an hour as it loomed large in our view for a long time. Whewe pulled into a truck stop I could have sworn I saw Sheriff Harry Truman

We drove through

We stopped for breakfast at the Red Fish Cafe

Mountain breakfast was amazing

Once we arrived in Seattle. We found good times. Up Next Canada.

Staring at the Sea

At a scenic rest area between LA and San Diego. Or was it San Diego to LA? Its all blurred together.

The taco's in California were in deed excellent and also somehow even smaller than at La Superior but at a dollar each I can't complain. Fortune Cookies at a Pho restaurant led to this fantastic prophecy.We also passed this building on the way out of LA. I have no idea what it was but it seemed to be constructed out of plastic. I was hoping to see Legoland or at least Disney Land but this will have to suffice.

Arizona to California

We stayed at the Congress Hotel in Tucson. The great criminal gangster John Dillenger stayed in this hotel for a long time before it burned down. This resulted in his subsequent capture when a fireman recognized him.

The drive to LA looked mostly like this.

Meet Lenny.Lenny hangs out on our dashboard
LA was actually really pretty. The landscape: EPIC WIN

This is Moe-Moe
This cat also is a winner. I enjoyed having him stand on my face while I slept on the floor in LA