Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving in Utrecht. Party Time at Vera

Thanksgiving in Utrecht Holland was pretty nice. They fed us some meat and mashed potatoes and sweet purple cabbage. Yummy apple compote for desert. We were at a venue called Tivoli de Helling. By far the best sounding venue, I've ever been to.

Utrecht was described to us as Amsterdam without the tourists. There are more bicycles in the city then people and tons of young folk by the looks of it.

Next day we were in Groningen Holland. Vera is legendary as one of the best venue's in all of Europe. They had a rooms in the venue for the us to sleep and washing machines!!!

The rooms are covered in posters dating to the late 70's



After carrying three 8x10 cabs up and down 5 flights of these spiral stairs we got to go back to our hotel to relax

We drove to Cologne. The giant cathedral is Cologne Cathedral. During the WWII bombing of the city everything was flattened except the Cathedral.

It was pretty rad.

And now in snow globe format.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Brussels at the Botanique

The Botanique in Brussels Belgium is one of the main cultural hubs in the city. It was a particularly stunning location and one of the few Museum shows on the tour. We met Annik a woman named Annik, who we latter figured realized was Annik Honore of Ian Curtis fame.

Our pre-dinner appetizer. Seriously.

We high tailed it out of Brussels and headed to Hamburg GermanyThe building across from our hotel

Soup from a vending machine. In Germany they make you pay .5 Euro's to use the bathroom at rest stops.
Seriously the vending machiens are hilarious.

We found the Hamburger Museum
And a home that kind of reminded me of a third world Death By Audio

The hotel was pretty rad.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Paris and Amsterdam


Our hotel in Paris

The view from our Hotel.

on the road to Amsterdam

Our Swedish friends

Amsterdam was pretty amazing. Probably the coolest city I've gotten to wander around. You are in constant danger of being run over by bikes, cars, buses, trams, and even boats